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Casos de planeación y gestión turística
Comportamientos, problemas y avances

Nora L. Bringas Rábago; Maribel Osorio García; Ana Pricila Sosa Ferreira (Coords.)




ATLAS Annual Conference 2017

Viana do Castelo, Portugal
12-16 September, 2017

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Destinations past, present and future

Even though we received more than 100 abstracts we decided to extend the deadline for submitting abstracts one more time. Please submit your abstract before May 1st 2017. Do not miss this opportunity to present your research in Viana do Castelo!

ATLAS Annual Conferences 2017

Destinations past, present and future

After ten years the ATLAS annual conference goes back again to Viana do Castelo, Portugal.

The Conference will take place between 12th and 16th September 2017 at the campus of the School of Technology and Management. The Conference would be organised by the Tourism Laboratory, headed by Carlos Fernandes.

The way in which places are being transformed by tourism was the subject of a recent ATLAS publication (Russo and Richards, 2016), which described how destinations are increasingly produced, consumed and negotiated between tourists and actors kin the places they visit. These trends link to wider debates about the production of space and place, and the rise of new localities in a globalizing world. Destinations increasingly need to deal with the rise of new tourist spaces, changes in the tourism distribution chain and growing competition from other destinations. 
These changes suggest an increasingly uncertain future for destinations worldwide. Where will tourists go next? Which new intermediaries will emerge? How will tourists arrange their travel in future? What kind of experiences will be in vogue, and how will these impact on the destinations themselves?

Leontine Onderwater

Jantien Veldman


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