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Artículo Año: 2007 Vol.: 5 Núm.: 1 Págs.: 81-97 Idioma: Inglés

HRD practices in the classified hotels in Orissa: a study of employee perceptions

Autor: Sampad Kumar Swain

In the present paper, an attempt has been made to measure the employees' perception of some of the human resource development (HRD) practices prevailing in the classified hotels in Orissa. Orissa is a state in the eastern India which has been heavily concentrating its developmental efforts at the tourism industry in general and the hotel sector in particular since the early 80's. However, the results do not substantiate the quantum of efforts for which many reasons have been proposed. A key contention made by critics is that these efforts were lopsided in that they gave undue importance to the marketing function and totally neglected comple mentary aspects like HRD.

ISSN: 1695-7121
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