Nota de investigación Año: 2015 Vol.: 13 Núm.: 4 Págs.: 947-957 Idioma: Español

Propuesta de indicadores de recursos de competitividad turística en los espacios naturales protegidos

Autor: Lidia Blanco Cerradelo, Mª Isabel Diéguez Castrillón, Ana Gueimonde Canto
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The models for the analysis of tourist destination competitiveness present in theory various factors that directly or indirectly affect competitiveness. The most prominent among these factors are a wide range of elements that can be integrated into the resource construct. In addition, the scientific literature on destination competitiveness establishes that the characteristics of the destination justify the consideration of one or several types of resources as well as their prevalence and importance. The objective of this paper is to identify which must be the type of resources and resource indicators to consider in a competitiveness model applicable to a tourist destination with its own particular characteristics such as the protected natural areas (PNA). To do this, we will review the different conceptual models of destination competitiveness in order to analyze, synthesize and evaluate the diversity of resources and indicators referred to in those models.

ISSN: 1695-7121
Título en inglés: Proposed indicators of tourism competitiveness resources in protected natural areas


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