Artículo Year: 2010 Vol.: 8 No.: 3 pp.: 39-49 Language: Inglés

From Strategic Planning to City Branding: Some Empirical Evidence in Italy

Author: Paolo Rizzi, Ilaria Dioli

In a globalized world where places compete with each other, the image of the city plays a crucial role to attract tourists and investors, and to make citizens stay with satisfaction and avoid their moving away. By exploring the connections and implications between theory and empirical outcomes of some Italian cities as to its attractiveness for tourists and investors, this paper intends to offer a useful overview both for academicians and practitioners. The purpose is not only to go through the extensive literature on strategic planning place marketing and city branding, but to focus specifically on some Italian cases (Turin, Genoa, Venice, Piacenza), where the application of the above mentioned instruments has provided interesting results to compare.

ISSN: 1695-7121
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Title in English: From Strategic Planning to City Branding: Some Empirical Evidence in Italy


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