Artículo Year: 2014 Vol.: 12 No.: 4 pp.: 791-805 Language: Portugués

Modelo de planejamento socioambiental alicerçado em base de dados de indicadores de sustentabilidade no contexto do desenvolvimento local

Author: Takeshy Tachizawa; Hamilton Pozo
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The paper presents a model of social and environmental planning, designed from the analysis of sustainability indicators in the municipality of Floresta do Xingu (MT). The model, developed by the method of case study aims to contributing to the ecological monitoring of the region. This regional context, located in the basin of the Xingu, is known as arc of deforestation in the Amazon Region. The proposed model provides the basis for a social and environmental zoning plan, allowed the identification of effects of intensity of land use. And, as well as, the influence of the relations established by local communities (indigenous land and settlement projects), loss of habitat, natural condition, the environmental quality of the vegetation and water resources of the region. The implications arising from the implementation can help governments and public managers in the formulation of possible spatial arrangements for the region and to identify priority areas for biodiversity conservation.

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Title in English: Model of social and environmental planning based the sustainability indicators data base in the context of the local development

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