Artículo Year: 2014 Vol.: 12 No.: 4 pp.: 819-835 Language: Español

El flamenco como constructo patrimonial. Representaciones sociales y aproximaciones metodológicas

Author: Cristina Cruces Roldán
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This text describes the recent process of incorporation of flamenco to culture management policies and to the representative list of UNESCO’s oral and immaterial heritage. The work analyzes how these notable events have contributed to the creation of a new language in its category. It presents opinions and conflicts derived of the process related to the symbolic appropriation of this immaterial heritage, which transcends towards an artistic genre of international projection, particularly in the area of tourism. Commencing at a redefinition of the concept “heritage” and proceeding from an analysis of the structure related to social value, the author presents a methodological, clasificationary and holistic proposal towards flamenco’s response to the safeguard actions required from the recent institutional impulses.


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Title in English: Flamenco as a patrimonial concept. Social representations and methodological approaches

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