Artículo Year: 2014 Vol.: 12 No.: 4 pp.: 859-874 Language: Español

Relevancia de las NTIC´S en el turismo cultural/museos. Perspectiva hermenéutica en el mundo contemporáneo

Author: Oscar Basulto Gallegos; Pilar Taboada‑de‑ Zúñiga R.
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This theoretical article attempts to set out a range of notions and perspectives regarding the sigificance of culture and NTICs. It aims to broaden the scope and work of museums, allowing them to be an integral part of the tourist destination, as well as increasing the importance of cultural tourism in any given destination or territory. It is put forward that cultural difussion and diversification strengthens identity and contributes to social cohesion, which when well conceived, is capable of bringing about the joining of forces over objectives of mutual benefit for a particular place. We refer to the diverse nature of cultural experience as a great social and economic opportunity for tourism. All of the above is alalysed from a socio‑hermeneutic perspective, with a focus on virtual communication and interaction.

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Title in English: The relevance of NTICs in the strengthening of a museum/destination from a tourism perspective. A hermeneutics perspective in a contempory comunicational setting

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