Artículo Year: 2014 Vol.: 12 No.: 4 pp.: 875-883 Language: Portugués

Roteiro Caminhos de Pedra ‑ Bento Gonçalves – Rio Grande do Sul: uma reflexão sobre o número de visitantes no período de 1997 a 2011

Author: Rita L. Michelin; Paulo Roberto Teixeira; Nândri Cândida Strassburger
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Rural tourism is a segment of tourism that uses the spaceof rurality main attraction, through the manifestations of the habits and customs of a particular culture. The object of study was the Caminhos de Pedra Attractive, located in Bento Gonçalves city, at Rio Grande do Sul state. In This local, the visitors can learn about the history of the Italian descendants immigrants and have direct contact with the locals. The research method was through desk research oft hehistoryofvisitations in the local. The results showed that the number of visitors has grown considerably since its was introduce, as well as the number of enterprise, demonstrating a good example of rural tourism done contributing this way to its consolidation.

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Title in English: Caminhos de Pedra Attractive ‑ Bento Gonçalves – Rio Grande do Sul: A reflection about the number of visitors in the period 1997‑2011

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