Artículo Año: 2014 Vol.: 12 Núm.: 4 Págs.: 777-789 Idioma: Español

Una aproximación al PIB turístico departamental de Uruguay en 2010

Autor: María José Alonsoperez; Wiston Adrián Risso
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In this document the Uruguayan departmental tourism GDP was estimated, disaggregating the results obtained in the first Tourism Satellite Accounts in 2008, using (Geary and Stark, 2002) methodology. Montevideo and Maldonado generate 62.92% of Tourism GDP in 2010 considering Hotels and restaurants activities only. The departmental distribution does not differ statistically from the latest official approaches dating from 2006. It is noted that more than 80% of the touristic GDP is concentrated in the southern coast of the country. Also noteworthy is the significant growth in production and participation of Rocha and may be related to tourism development in recent years.

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Título en inglés: An approximation of the Uruguayan departmental tourism GDP in 2010


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