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ANEP (2014) A
MIAR (2014): 4,041
H Index (2012): 10
G Index (2012): 13
Capes Qualis (2014): B1
In-Recs (2011): 0.211






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Introduction and History


PASOS. Journal of Tourism and Cultural Heritage (ISSN 1695-7121) is a free digital publication subject to peer review, which specializes in the academic and business analysis of the various processes taking place in the tourism system, with special attention to the uses of culture, nature and the territory, the people, towns and their spaces, integral heritage. From an inter-disciplinary perspective, it asks for and encourages and writings coming from the social sciences and administrative and business practice. Its aim is the fulfillment of the role as a forum for presentation and discussion of methodologies and theories, plus the dissemination of studies and experiences. It aims to contribute to other efforts to understand tourism and progress in the various forms of prevention of unwanted effects, but also enhancing the way by which tourism serves as a complement to the improvement and development of the quality of life of residents in the target areas.

PASOS began to be edited in January 2003 and since then eleven volumes have been published. During the years 2003 to 2005 with two issues, 2006 and 2007 with three and three regular isssues since 2008 (January, April and October) and one/two monographic as special issue/s. Up to volume 11 (1) for January 2013 483 papers have been published, mostly in the articles section in 32 issues. Other sections of the journal are reviews and essays, research notes, From the company, Events Report and Literature reviews, including free events publicity, university training and other specialist journals.

The average annual number of received papers is 142, with a rejection rate of nearly 60% after anonymous peer review, and the rest mostly going for some kind of modification at the request of the reviewers.

In 2006, PASOS had an estimated impact index of 2.8 points out of 5 from a comprehensive selection of 40 journals depending on the interest shown by 314 selected researchers in the USA, UK, Hong Kong and Australia, in the paper "Rating tourism and hospitality journals" by McKercher, B.; Law, R. and Lam, T. (2006), published in Tourism Management, 27: 1235-1252).

PASOS has also been included as source journal (a selection of 59 tourism and hospitality journals worldwide) research "An Examination of tourism journal development" by Cheng, CK.; Li, X.; Petrick, JF and O Leary, JT and published in 2011 by Tourism Management, 32: 53-61.
An updated detail of the inclusion in indexes and databases is available in the "Indexes" on this website.

The progression of full volume and individual items downloads has been exponential. Although the journal is free, there’s the request to voluntarily fill in a registration questionnaire, as a subscription, and 980 readers worldwide have been registered. You can access the statistics of visits and downloads from the website in the section of the Main Menu "Journal" / "Statistics" and a second analysis

PASOS. Journal of Tourism and Cultural Heritage, aims to contribute to the dissemination of knowledge and the promotion of research and analysis on these issues, meeting all the requirements of the quality indexes.

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