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Volume 21, Number 2. April-June 2023 

PASOS. Journal of Tourism and Cultural Heritage 21(2) 2023



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Number 30

Destinos turísticos LGBT+: identidad, globalización y mercado 

José María Valcuende del Río y Patricia Rosalba Salvador Moura Costa (eds.) (2023)


PASOS. Journal of Tourism and Cultural Heritage (ISSN 1695-7121),, is an open access publication with no embargo period, which means that all content is available openly and free of charge to be read by users or their institutions. Users can read, download (no registration required), distribute, print or link the full texts of editions and articles without the permission of the editors or authors. In other words, the BOAI definition of open access applies. There is also no charge for publishing (APCs), and this applies to the entire editorial process. PASOS is published under the Creative Commons BY NC ND license. All original and unpublished works received are subject to a double blind review process.

PASOS specializes in the academic and business analysis of different processes involved in the tourism system, with special interest in tourist uses of culture, nature and territory, people, towns and spaces, and integral heritage. From an inter- and trans-disciplinary perspective, it calls for and encourages writings from the social sciences and administrative-business practice. Its objective is to fulfill the role of a forum for the exposition and discussion of methodologies and theories, as well as the dissemination of studies and experiences. It aims to contribute to efforts to understand tourism and to make progress in ways of preventing its undesirable effects. It also attempts to improve the way in which tourism serves as a complement to developing the quality of life of residents in destination areas.

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Edited by the Universidad de La Laguna (Spain) Institute of Political and Social Sciences and the Instituto Universitario da Maia (Portugal), the current periodicity of PASOS is quarterly (January, April, July and October), as well as publishing two special editions each year.

PASOS is directed by Agustín Santana Talavera, Ph.D. in Social Anthropology, Full Professor of the University of La Laguna and Director of the University Institute of Political and Social Sciences. He is assisted by two Deputy Directors: Eduardo Parra López, Ph.D. in Business Sciences and Professor of the University of La Laguna and Eduardo Cordeiro Gonçalves, doctorates in history and tourism, Vice-Rector of Instituto Universitario da Maia (Portugal). The journal has an editorial committee ( organized around large thematic and language areas, and an international scientific advisory committee ( composed of doctors and professionals in tourism and cultural heritage from 26 universities and research centers. The editorial secretary is Dr. Gonçalo Marques from the Instituto Universitario da Maia (ISMAI, Portugal).


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