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Volume 21, Number 3. July-September 2023

PASOS. Journal of Tourism and Cultural Heritage 21(3) 2023



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Number 30

Destinos turísticos LGBT+: identidad, globalización y mercado 

José María Valcuende del Río y Patricia Rosalba Salvador Moura Costa (eds.) (2023)




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The impact index of PASOS was estimated in 2006 by the paper "Rating tourism and hospitality journals" by McKercher, B.; Law, R. and Lam, T. (2006), published in Tourism Management, 27: 1235-1252), in 2.8 points out of 5 from a comprehensive selection of 40 journals made according to the interest shown by 314 selected researchers in USA, UK, Hong Kong and Australia.

PASOS has also been included as source journal (a selection of 59 tourism and hospitality journals worldwide) in the investigation " An Examination of tourism journal development "by Cheng, CK.; Li, X.; Petrick, JF and O Leary, JT and published in 2011 by Tourism Management, 32: 53-61.

In the 2011 period, the journal was indexed in In-Recs (2011 provisional, impact factor 0.211) and MIAR (ICD value 4.000), and included, among others, in the databases: Redalyc (full repository and direct download. 2005-2009 Impact 0.170); DOAJ (full repository and direct download); Latindex; CAB Abstracs; E-journals; Dialnet; SUDOC; ISOC; DICE; CIRET; Altis; COPAC; SUNCAT; JISC JournalArchives; EBSCO HOST. To achieve this inclusion, it has been necessary to meet the assessment requirements for each of the databases. Concerning editorial quality criteria, it is considered that, in 2013, PASOS met those criteria with 35/36 Lantindex, 14/17 ANEP and 17/22 ANECA.

For 2012, in the rates of H and G Social Science journals Spanish Steps is Google Scholar According Metrics (2008-2012), the journal is at an H index is 11 and a H and G Index 10 Index 13. Median H 14.

In qualifying Capes Qualis (Brazil) it has been given a B1 in the interdisciplinary field, Sociology, Anthropology, Archaeology, Environmental Science, Management, Accounting and Tourism Sciences, Geography, Economics, and Urban & Regional Planning. Classification Integrated Scientific Journals CIRC's categorized as a B, and CARHUS (2009) as a C.


Index Year Value
In-Recs  2011 0.211
DICE  2012
ANEP  2013 A
G-INDEX 2012 13
H-INDEX 2012  10
H-INDEX 2010-2014  11
CIRC  2016 B
COPERNICUS 2015  ICV 81.22
Visibility of the journal (ICDS-MIAR) 2018 9.7

PASOS is indexed (rating or category) in:

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IN-RECS. H Index of Spanish jounals of Social Sciences and Law as Google Scholar [+]

DICE. Broadcasting and Editorial Quality fo Spanish Journals of Humanities and cosial Sciences and Law [+] Methodology

ANEP.  Each journal category is indicated by teh evaluation system ANEP / FECYT provided in document Qualithy criteria Humanities research . Possible categories in this system are (from highest to lowest): A+, A, B and C. [+]

MIAR. System for the quantitative measurement of the visibility of social sciences periodical publications according to their presence in different types of databases.  [+]


CAPES QUALIS. Integrated systema CAPES (Brasil) quality scientific journals [+]

CIRC. Integrated scientific journals rating [+] Metodología



PASOS is incorporated in the following databases: 

AJG 2018. Chartered Association of Bussiness Schools (CABS)  [+]

REDALYC. Network of Scientific Journals from Latin America and the Caribbean, Spain and Portugal Scientific Information System [+]

LATINDEX. Regional Information System for Online Scientific Journals from Latin America, the Caribbean, Spain and Portugal [+]

DOAJ. Directory of Open Access Journals [+]

ISOC. Bibliographich databases CSIC [+]



CIRET. Centre for International Research on Economic Tendency Surveys [+]

REBIUM. Network of university libraries [+]

E-Revistas. Open Access Platform for Electronic Scientific Journals Spanish and Latin American [+]

SUNCAT. Database of library catalogs UK [+

JISC JournalArchives. Selection of journals with perpetual access (institutional access) [+]

COPAC. Specialized database [+]



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