Artículo Year: 2014 Vol.: 12 No.: 4 pp.: 663-671 Language: Inglés

Astrotourism: No Requiem for Meaningful Travel

Author: Eduardo Fayos‑Solá; Cipriano Marín; Jafar Jafari
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Astrotourism is an activity of travelers wishing to use the natural resource of well‑kept nightscapes for astronomy‑related leisure and knowledge. This practice has increased in popularity during the past few years, adding value to offbeat tourism destinations offering high quality night skies and astronomical or archaeoastronomical heritage. Astrotourism initiatives contribute to the dissemination of knowledge and human capital formation, both among the visitors and within the host community. Therefore, it can act as a potential instrument for development. The best destinations for astrotourism have very special characteristics, which makes for a likely favorable strategic positioning in domestic and even international markets. However, astrotourism consumers demand high knowledge content and excellent quality in their visits. This requires a professional approach to resource use and conservation, product development, and adequate provision of ancillary services in the destination. A sophisticated tourism policy and governance is a must for successful launch and operation of astrotourism.

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Title in English: Astroturismo: No réquiem por un turismo con significado

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