(ordinary issues): JAN; APRIL; JULY; OCTOBER

To simplify the review process and publication the reviewers are asked to strictly conform to the editorial standards listed below are requested.

Delivery of original Papers

Papers must be incorporated into the journal’s management platform. Prior registration of the leading author at


All the requested metadata should be incorporated in the recording the incorporated work, including data relating to authors and in the section ‘Abstract’ the metadata should be included in the original language and in English.

File Format

The file must be incorporated in MSWord format (* doc,. * Docx.) Or OpenOffice Writer (odt *.)


The papers will be published in the language in which they are delivered (Spanish, Portuguese, English or French).


Three centimeters on all sides of the page.


The fonts Times New Roman or Arial, size 10, or the like must be used in the text. In the notes the same font will be used in size 9. Don’t use different fonts or sizes. If you want to emphasize a word or paragraph within the text using the same font in italics.


Always placed at the end, using the same font as in the text (Times New Roman or Arial) in size 9


The paper must be led by its title in bold letters. Under it the title will be inserted in English. It is recommendable that the title doesn’t, in any case, exceed 100 characters (including spaces).


You should add a summary of the article (120-150 words) in the language in which it is written and its English translation. For articles written in English a translation to Spanish shall be provided.


7 keywords on the main theme and its translation to English - 5 shall be shown.


The text should be written with 1.5 spacing and an extension of 5000-9000 words for articles and 3000-5000 for both reviews and essays, and research notes, including Title (and its translation into English), Abstract (and its translation into English), key (word and its translation to English ), Introduction, paragraphs that are deemed appropriate, Conclusion, Acknowledgements (if applicable) and References.

Charts, Graphs and Images

The articles can include any graphics that may be required. They should be referred to in the text and/or conveniently placed, and accompanied by a foot that identifies them. Colors can be used, but the possibility of a publication on paper in black and white must be taken into consideration.

Abbreviations and acronyms

They must be properly spelled and clearly defined in its first use in the text.

Quotes and Bibliography

APA Format or, In the text, references will refer to the author and year of publication of the quoted work. For example: (Smith, 2001) or (Nash, 1990, Smith, 2001). When a more accurate quote is considered appropriate the page number (: 34 Smith, 2001) will be indicated. The bibliography at the end of the text will follow the alphabetical order of authors, following the format:

Smith, Valene L. and Brent, Maryann

2001 "Introduction to Hosts and guests revisited: Tourism issues of the 21st century." In Smith, Valene L. and Brent, Maryann (Eds.), Hosts and guests revisited: Tourism issues of the 21st century (pp. 1-14). New York: Cognizant Communication.

Smith, Valene L.

1998 "War and tourism An American Ethnography.". Annals of Tourism Research, 25 (1): 202-227.

Urry, J.

1990 The tourist gaze. Leisure and travel in contemporary societies. London: Sage.

For other publications, the author, year, title, or publication year will always be included. and a standard for electronic documents, indicating address and date of access.


The authors are required to be equally committed to the originality of their work and not to simultaneously forward their text to other media for publication.

Copyright and Disclaimer

It is important to read the "Ethics Statement" on the website of the journal. The authors are the sole responsible for the claims and statements made in the text. The editorial team of PASOS reserves the right to use the published articles in successive compilation editions. Texts are published under Creative Commons license, so they can be reproduced as an unaltered pdf file, in full and quoting the source PASOS Journal of Tourism and Cultural Heritage ( Integration in publications involving the alteration of the original file will require written license from the author or authors and the Editorial Board of PASOS.

Once informed of the ACCEPTANCE of the text for publication, authors must complete the form available in the "Declaration of Rights" section and send it to the journal’s email.

Review Process

It is important to read the "Review Process section on the journal’s website. All papers will undergo anonymous peer review external to the journal. Authors will be notified of the outcome of the review by email with a summary sheet of the reviewer.


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