Call for Papers: "Coasts as responsible tourism development regions”

Special issue 2020 of "Pasos, Tourism and Cultural Heritage Journal"

Coasts, as spaces of great biological diversity and strong socio-cultural and socio-economic attractiveness, have traditionally been generators of productive agricultural, fishing and service activities; in the last century, they have also been closely associated with tourism. The intense use of such ecosystems has generated multiple business synergies, but also cultural hybridizations, effects on the territory and conflicts of competition for and use of natural resources.

Currently, preservation of the natural environment and traditional cultural resources in coastal regions are each considered a priority, but are also an indispensable source for the responsible support of tourism as a means of economic development.

The sustainable development debate, in its broadest sense, synthesized in the Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG) has led various academic disciplines to seek explanations and solutions to the problems and challenges associated with coastal zone development that exist in these regions. This is the purpose of the special issue of "Pasos, Tourism and Cultural Heritage Journal", which aims to address theoretical treatments and case studies on tourism in coastal regions. We are hoping to explore different approaches to this subject, focusing on the socioeconomic potential from tourism debate, as well as possible actions to redirect undesired effects of tourism development and the presentation of viable proposals for responsible use.

The ultimate goal of this special issue is, to elucidate the debates and different of points of view regarding coastal zone development, and suggest adaptable proposals to tourism companies and destinations, based on the design, implementation and responsible management of coastal marine tourism.

Thematic proposals

Management of tourism in coastal ecosystems

Competitiveness and diversification of the complementary offer on the coasts

Tourism in competitive environments

Modes of organization and management of coastal tourist destinations

Governance mechanisms in coastal tourist destinations

Tourist use of artisanal fishing activity

New products and in coastal ecosystems

Residential tourism, golf courses and marinas

Mitigation of unwanted social, cultural, environmental and economic effects due to tourist use of the coasts

Integrated Management of coastal zones

Good practices and successful cases

Development of sustainability indicators


First call of papers                                                       March 21

Second call of papers                                                 April 10

Limit for submission of abstracts (up to150 words)         May 15

Reply approval of abstracts                                          June 15

Delivery limit for full articles                                          August 20

Limit for the submission of observations by evaluators

(First revision)                                                              October 30

Limit for final delivery of article                                      December 15

Publication of the special issue                                     February 28, 2020

Criteria for editing articles

Those determined in "Pasos, Tourism and Cultural Heritage Journal"


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