Artículo Año: 2013 Vol.: 11 Núm.: 3 Págs.: 17-32 Idioma: Inglés

Disasters, tourism and mobility, the case of Japan earthquake

Autor: Maximiliano E. Korstanje

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It is not uncommon to note that during emergencies or natural disasters a number of socio-psychological triggers come to the forefront so as to help the public the event and place it in a comprehensible context. Without these socio-psychological triggers the public would be left not only in an anomic state, but social disintegration would begin to set in. One way that we begin to sort out and make sense of these negative tragedies is through the twin social mechanisms of nationalism and consumerism. During moments when societies must face potential exterminations, survival may occur through the strengthening of individuality and group identity. These two social phenomena act as antidotes to the tragedy and allows for group survival. Thus after a tragedy such as a tsunami or earthquake, national (or group) pride permits the social healing process to begin. It is against this backdrop that we analyze the media coverage and the reaction of the Buenos Aires Japanese community to the earthquake and tsunami that decimated Japan in 2011 and the dangers that ensued from the damage to the Fukuyima reactor. Although this work is about one small community within the Japanese Diaspora, it serves its social psychological insights are not confined to this community but rather should be replicable throughout the world.

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