Artículo Año: 2014 Vol.: 12 Núm.: 4 Págs.: 837-845 Idioma: Español

El patrimonio etnográfico y el sujeto artístico

Autor: Blanca Flor Herrero Morán
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During the contemporary age ethnographic heritage has gained a prominence unusual influence in many areas, notably the history of the art. The role of ethnographic heritage in art goes far beyond the rejection of the concept arts minor because it includes numerous works outstanding, never inferior or subservient. The main objective of this article is to reflect on the influence of the ethnographic heritage in the artistic subject based on two aspects: the artists inspired by primitive art and the presence of Ethnography in contemporary art. At first, the approach to ethnographic heritage was somewhat superficial by focusing on its exotic character. Gradually there is a greater and better knowledge of the ethnographic heritage thanks to, among other events, the development of disciplines such as anthropology and ethnography.

ISSN: 1695-7121
Palabras clave: Art , Artist , Ethnography , Heritage , Primitivism , Subject
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Título en inglés: The ethnographic heritage and artistic subject


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